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The War on Oxygen & Sunlight

Supposedly to protect us from “Covid” (which the FDA admits they have no reliable test for), lockdown orders all around the world have holed people up inside and prevented them from getting sufficient sunlight. Without sunlight, people become deficient in Vitamin D. Without Vitamin D, your immune system collapses. Supplementing with Vitamin D is beneficial in this case for many people, but not everyone is able to absorb vitamin D orally. And just in case lockdown isn’t enough to banish the sun, Bill Gates Plans to Block Out The Sun (Yes, this is mainstream news).

Mask orders have prevented people from getting sufficient oxygen.

Sunlight and oxygen are two vital keys to health, both mental and physical. Wim Hof breathwork is a breakthrough approach to treating mental and physical illness with a free technique that simply increases oxygen intake that you can learn in a few minutes.

For decades, our skies have been polluted with chemtrails, which the government has sort of covered up until recently. They’re now starting to call it geo-engineering (for our benefit! to stop global warming!). But as wonderful as their geo-engineering dust is for blocking out the sun, it’s not very healthy for us to breathe.

Many 5G cell towers transmit at 60GHz, the same resonant frequency as oxygen. We don’t yet know exactly what effect this will have on oxygen or our health, but let’s just roll it out anyway, right? Actually, we do already know that EMF of all types, including electric power lines, is the cause of most chronic illness, despite efforts to ignore the science of how it slows down cellular respiration. A great compendium of the research on this is called The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg.

Finally, U.S. schools and other buildings are installing new air conditioning systems which contain cold plasma reactive oxygen species generators. The stated goal is to kill the coronavirus circulating in the air (which they previously claimed was not airborne, which justified the masks supposedly), but this same system is also known to coagulate the blood, which is exactly the same thing that covid supposedly does to destroy all our organs. (If you prefer video to scholarly articles you can check out this Gonzo reporter’s War on Oxygen vid. I think certain of his theories lack evidence but overall he has many good points.)

How interesting that just as people are starting to heal their illnesses thanks to Wim Hof breathwork, the Psychopath Elite decide to deprive us of oxygen… and then they call US psychopaths (or just plain stupid) if we demand our oxygen back. (Note: you can’t be a stupid psychopath. It’s one or the other. Either you are “knowingly not wearing a mask because you want to harm people [psycopath]” or you are “too stupid to know that masks are beneficial.”)

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