Meet the "Experts" (Gates, Fauci, Birx)

Meet the Experts

Masks Kill & Control

Masks & Anti-Social Distance Kill & Control You

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Covid is Democide Disguised

Covid Deaths Are Lockdown Democide

>6 Million Die from Air Pollution Yearly! Air & Water Pollution Correlated with Covid Deaths.

Covid tests no longer required for Covid diagnosis!

Dr. Tim O’Shea: Covid Is One of Many Recent Pandemic Hoaxes. $5k reward for anyone who can prove Covid-19 diagnosis.

Elmhurst Hospital Crisis Hoaxed

Fruit Testing Positive For Covid According to Tanzanian President

Lockdown Lunacy 3.0: NEXT VIRUS PLEASE!

Nursing homes say CMMS lied about covid deaths.

NYC Nurse Whistleblower: We Are Murdering Patients!

Rancourt’s shocking analysis of Covid all-cause mortality spikes showing globally orchestrated democide to blame for “covid” deaths.

Rancourt’s analysis proven correct. Congress is investigating governors for murdering 60k patients.

Suicide attempts have multiplied by 12, and suicide deaths top Covid-19 deaths

UNICEF & Johns Hopkins say 10K Children Killed Monthly Due to Lockdowns. Lockdowns Ultimately Will Kill 7x More Than Covid.

WHO Flip Flops Again: Denounces Lockdowns As Worse Than Covid